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Medjugorje – small but world famous pilgrimage place in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Medjugorje – World famous pilgrimage place Medjugorje is a small, world-famous pilgrimage place in Bosnia and Herzegovina that annually visits hundreds of thousands of people. This is the most famous village in the area of ​​Holy Mother’s apparitions. What you must surely see when you come to Medjugorje is the church of St. James. Along with the church, there is an altar for an outdoor celebration and a large number of confessional halls. Immediately behind the church is the statue of the Risen Christ, with tears on his right ankle. The place where Holy Mother displayed the Hill of Apparitions, which for pilgrims represents a significant place of prayer and encounter with the Holy Mother. At the foot of the hill is the Blue Cross, where prayer groups from all over the world meet. Mount Krizevac is also unavoidable for pilgrims, a place of prayer and a meeting with Jesus in torment. Medjugorje with its location can be an excellent base for visiting other beautiful places in Herzegovina …

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